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Area Rug

Area rugs are a great addition to any hard surface area, especially in large rooms. It defines a space with comfort and style without the expense of replacing an entire floor. Area rugs also allow you to assign different spaces within the same room, if the room is large enough. Come to Flooring Galaxy, servicing Brentwood and the surrounding areas, to browse through our selection of over 600 area rugs. We’re sure there’s one that matches your aesthetic perfectly.

Styles of Area Rugs

The beauty of using an area rug is that you can swap it out as often as your taste changes. Modern area rugs are popular today, with bold colors, color-blocked patterns, and well-defined shapes. Pastels are becoming a trend, too, lightening up your room and giving a sense of texture to a potentially mild space.

Oriental rugs are always in fashion, imported from overseas and handwoven. They offer an air of class and history to your home. It also adds an intriguing dimension of pattern and storytelling.

Area rug styles range between bold to colorful and classic to intriguing. The choice is yours, and with over 600 to choose from, you’re bound to discover more than a few options for your home.

Shop at Rug Store in St Louis for Custom Area Rugs

Every space is different, and every person has a unique aesthetic sense and perspective. You may want your rug to be tailored according to the décor of your room or express the vision inside you. Bound to find a place in your bedroom, lounge, or kitchen, our custom rugs available in St Louis allow you to explore your imagination and create, customize your rugs. With Flooring Galaxy, you get to pick your favorite rug design from a vast selection of patterns, shapes, and color palettes. A statement piece that adds warmth and added appeal to your space, our collection of handwoven rugs take the comfort of your home to the next level.

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Benefits of Area Rugs

Rugs always offer warm on your feet, but carpeting isn’t always what we want in our home. Warm up the coldness of wood or stone floors with an area made of your choice of fabric. Some are plush, like a shag rug or sheep’s skin, others are flat like most oriental rugs. No matter which you choose, you’ll instantly feel the warmth and comfort it brings to an otherwise cold room.

In many homes, large rooms serve multiple purposes. It can be busying for the eye to see and group together everything that happens in one room. Break it up with an area rug. Your furniture will look more aligned, spaces will feel less busy (even though there’s technically an extra piece in it), and you’ll feel more grounded.

Grounded, in this sense, implies a feeling of floating for you and your furniture. Floors are generally changing, so items place on it can appear to be floating in space. Using an area rug brings it all back down, grouping and grounding your furniture to your home.

Contrary to popular belief, area rugs are great for those who suffer from allergies. The fibers in the rug trap allergens, keeping them out of the air and out of your body. Regular cleaning is necessary, of course, but the air in your home will be healthier and your body will be happier. This is perfect for homes with pets, trapping animal dander to the ground.

Buy Custom Rugs at Flooring Galaxy

The process of shopping for a rug can be a chore. Driving from store to store and being indecisive of the quality and design is all too familiar for us. A one-stop solution, we offer a range of oriental and modern rugs. From traditional rugs to block-colored rugs, you can pick and choose rugs according to your interior. A haven for endless possibilities and craftsmanship, we carry some major manufacturers of rugs, which allow your wildest imaginations to come to life with beautifully crafted pieces of art. Our mission is to offer you unmatched quality and convenience, which is why you can easily shop from home when shopping at Flooring Galaxy.

Be it a color tone, distinctive texture, or an interplay of patterns – an appropriate rug can elevate the feel of your room. Masterfully hand-woven, the rugs available in our rug store in St Louis are recognized for their durability and workmanship. A combination of rich earthy tones, saturated colors, and pastel shades, we have rugs for each and every client. Providing more than just underfoot comfort, custom rugs are ideal for insulating a space while becoming a complementary focal point.

Browse Flooring Galaxy’s wide variety of area rugs and build a comfortable, grounded space in your home. Compare and contrast easily in stores or online, and as always our flooring experts are ready to help when you need it.