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Flooring Galaxy has the widest selection of carpet flooring you’ll find in Brentwood and the surrounding area. Select from top brands and a vast array of colors for the perfect fit in your home. Our St. Louis carpet store flooring experts can help you find the best style, color, and texture that best fits your needs and budget.

Styles for Carpet Flooring


Solid carpet flooring can either act as a bold statement or unassumingly in your room. Boldness doesn’t always come to mind with solid colored floors, but it can bring a bold flare to your room in a minimalist, simple way. On the other hand, a solid floor can perfectly disappear by blending with the color of your walls.


Patterned carpet flooring adds a sense of dimension to any room. Patterns can be subtle, avoiding flare yet maintaining a minimalist pique of interest. Or they can be opaquely apparent, adding flare and style to your room. This type of carpet is perfect for concealing dirt, as well, for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

Types of Carpet Flooring

Plush carpet flooring is one of the most durable for its price range. It is a long-lasting carpet, so you can rest assured that once you place it, it won’t need to be replaced for a very long time. Plush carpeting is soft, making it perfect for children’s rooms, playrooms, and living rooms. Essentially, any room where comfort rises above all else.

This type of carpet flooring is also incredibly durable. It’s better known as a shag or twist carpet, being made of much longer threads that easily conceal dirt or stains. Frieze carpets are one of the softest, most comfortable you can find. They bring in a sense of retro style to any room without being too obvious. Even though their threads are long, the twist allows this carpet to remain extremely durable. It can withstand high levels of foot traffic, so placing it in hallways or on stairs is perfect.

A flat, smooth carpet flooring removes visual depth that may be created by other types of carpets is what you’ll find in level loop carpets. It’s often chosen for offices and schools for its long-lasting, durable fibers that can withstand high amounts of traffic. It’s also very easy to clean, as dirt rarely gets trapped underneath it’s tightly woven fibers.

Flooring Galaxy Carpet

An Affordable, Premier Choice for Carpet Flooring- Flooring Galaxy

The feeling of stepping on a soft, luxurious carpet is an experience like no other. With over 100 years of experience equipped by our employees, we do a fine job at carpet installation in St. Louis. No other flooring option adds comfort and warmth to space quite like a carpet.

Quick and easy to install, Flooring Galaxy offers fair pricing and consistent service quality. Having been a flooring retailer for more than 10 years, we have the relevant experience to ensure your needs are met and exceeded. A veteran of the industry, our St. Louis carpet store carries major manufacturers, allowing you to pick and choose options tailored to your aesthetic sense.

Available in a diverse range of fibers, patterns, and textures, carpet flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options. We at Flooring Galaxy are a family-owned company that accommodates all your flooring needs. Our team custom orders wools, SmartStrand, solids, and prints directly from the manufacturer, leading our prices to be as low as possible. From more economical options to high-end ones, no job is too big or too small for us. Bringing a whole new dimension to carpet flooring, our finesse and professionalism are reflective in our service.

Install Carpet Flooring for a Home Renovation Project

At Flooring Galaxy, we know the home renovation process can be difficult. Here to benefit and help you, you can take advantage of our St. Louis carpet store’s installation service, transforming the feel of your space. We stock a variety of options for any décor and any style. Known to make the flooring shopping experience seamless, our carpet store aims to help you pick and install a carpet that uplifts your interior space.    

Your Carpet Flooring Style

Come talk to one of our experts if you’re having trouble deciding which type of carpet flooring is best for you. We take into account your purpose, style, and home or building type to choose the best carpet for the best price. We’re happy to weigh the pros and cons of each option until you make your decision. Browse our selection online or in stores, and contact us if you have any questions.