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Cork flooring is one of the greenest types of flooring you can purchase. It’s a sustainable material that’s visually intriguing and versatile, settling into any room you choose. It’s an excellent choice if noise is a concern or you prefer softness over hard tiles and wood.

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Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork is often used in studios and theaters because of its incredible ability to absorb sound. Using cork flooring in your home keeps you from tiptoeing around sleeping kids, avoids the creaks wooden floors make, and eliminates the resounding clacks from walking on stone. It’s perfect to get peace and quiet in any room.

Cork flooring is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. There’s no need to worry about water damage or harboring bacteria, cork is safe for everyone. There are waterproofing methods to further protect it, but they aren’t totally necessary. After all, corks are used in wine bottles for a reason.

It’s also hypoallergenic in addition to mold and mildew resistance. Dust mites and animal dander don’t get trapped in cork flooring because there are no fibers to latch onto.

This type of floor is perfect no matter what your climate is. It’s stable in any home temperature environment. A great aspect about cork is its malleability. If your home experiences large fluctuations in temperature, a cork flooring won’t be too affected because it will press into itself instead of upward.

Cork is also naturally resistant to fire, so if you’re a hazard in the kitchen or you tend to light a lot of candles, this is the floor for you.

You can freely walk barefoot on cork flooring, as it’s always warm. It’s a great insulator, as well, and will most likely help you save on heating bills.

Cork flooring comes in various patterns and colors. Some can mimic hardwood floor to an extent, while others are unique to cork and are rarely replicated. Depending on the color, you can aim for a reddish brick look and feel, a blackened wood, or a naturally spotty design. Colors and patterns combine to make something only cork flooring can achieve.

Cork flooring is dense. It’s been heavily compacted, so while it appears thin it’s actually several layers of cork pressed together. Because of this, cork has superb impact resistance so it can handle hard drops without a problem. The denser the cork floor you purchase, the more impact resistance and durability it has. Keep that in mind while browsing, as a denser floor is better in rooms that have more traffic.

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