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Exceptional hardwood flooring, in St. Louis and the surrounding area, from Flooring Galaxy is at your fingertips. Browse our selection of over 800 styles, stains, and types of wood to build your perfect home. Hardwood gives your home a rustic, contemporary, or classic feel and comes in various styles ranging between all-natural to acrylic.

Use Our Hardwood Floor Installation Service in St Louis for Installing, Finishing & Refinishing

Flooring Galaxy offers some of the highest quality floor coverings, available in a variety of styles, types of wood, and stains. From all-natural to acrylic options, our St. Louis hardwood flooring service works to create floors you’ve always envisioned. With installation being important, a majority of floor coverings require specific tools for the perfect installation. Cutting, molding, spacing, and finishing hardwood flooring can also take a great deal of experience.

Given that a specialized skill is required, it becomes critical to procure a professional St. Louis hardwood floor installation service instead of taking the risk all on your own. Having spent countless hours and weeks shopping for the perfect hardwood flooring, you should be able to sit back and allow professionals to take care of the installation process. For your convenience, you can shop from home or stop by our store to discuss the array of flooring options and professional services that can take your flooring to the next level.

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All of our hardwood floor installers are fully trained and experienced in fitting high-quality hardwood floors, making sure every aspect, from sub-floor preparation through finishing, is professionally handled. With over 100 years of experience spread across our employee base, Flooring Galaxy has the expertise of laying all types of flooring.

So, are you interested in professional St. Louis hardwood flooring services for your commercial and residential projects? At Flooring Galaxy, we invest the time to understand your unique needs, assessing everything from color palette, design to texture. A leading hardwood retail store in St Louis, we can help you distinguish your interior with durable and sophisticated hardwood flooring. Whether it’s an existing space or new construction, our team will work with you to install hardwood floors according to your chosen style and finish.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

This type of hardwood flooring comes in either pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished only needs installation making it a quicker, easier option. Unfinished wood floors need to be sanded and finished on-site, allowing you the option to choose between stains and sealants.

Strip solid hardwood flooring ranges in thickness and is defined by its width. You can choose one of three width options, but you cannot choose its thickness, as it varies depending on each plank. This gives the floor a unique sense of depth and natural feel, making it perfect for homes seeking a rustic feel or for those seeking more interest in their flooring. The thickness varies, but once it’s sealed, you won’t have to worry about tripping over any of the strips.

Plank flooring is the opposite of strip in that it ranges in width and is defined by its thickness. It comes in two thicknesses, but its widths vary between 3 and 8 inches. This gives your floor a natural feel without the depth, if you’re seeking a floor that is flat.

Parquet hardwood flooring gives your room a classic feel, with geometric patterns that direct the eye towards a specified direction. There are various patterns to choose from with a different look and feel depending on the type of wood you choose.

Acrylic hardwood flooring is impregnated with sealant and color throughout each piece of wood. If your floor gets worn down by heavy foot traffic, the color or seal won’t fade because it’s throughout the wood, not on the surface. Generally, this type is used commercially but there is a recent trend for commercial materials in residential homes.

This type of hardwood flooring involves adhering laminate veneer to real wood. In comparison, laminate flooring contains no actual wood. So, with engineered wood floors, you get a real wood floor with the resistance laminate provides on the surface. It’s a cheaper option than 100% real wood flooring without too many compromises.

Species of Hardwood Flooring


Oak is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring. Oak trees are common and grow quickly, making it a more sustainable option when searching for real wood floors. Red oak and white oak are among the most popular.

Cherry wood, walnut, hickory, and maple are all durable options with distinct grain patterns. They differ from oak only with expense, as they can also be sustainably sourced depending on the area they’re imported from.

We are here to help you choose your hardwood flooring in St. Louis with expertise about each type, including solid wood and engineering options. Find your best match with over 800 to choose from, and don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.