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Luxury Vinyl

Our St. Louis luxury vinyl flooring is the standard when seeking a low-cost hardwood style for your floors without spending an exorbitant amount. It’s thicker than standard vinyl, so it gives an authentic look and feel to hardwood.

Explore the luxury vinyl flooring options at St. Louis’ Flooring Galaxy, serving Brentwood and the surrounding areas. With over 900 to choose from, there’s an option for everyone.

The biggest difference between standard vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring is in their thicknesses. Luxury vinyl is significantly thicker, giving it a softer feel under your feet. This is comparable to real wood floors, as wood is much softer on your heels than tiles or cement.

Luxury vinyl maintains the same moisture and stain resistance found in standard vinyl, but without the peeling or scratching.

Typically, luxury vinyl flooring is made to mirror the appearance of wood floors. However, there are two types of luxury vinyl to choose from: planks (LVP) and tiles (LVT). Luxury vinyl tiles are made to mirror stone and ceramic.

LVP are shaped just like wooden planks. Therefore, they are convincingly used in any room of your house where you’d like wooden floors but either need the added protection from spills and stains vinyl offers, or you want the lower price point.

LVT are shaped like tiles on the surface, though they click and lock into place just like planks. Of course, tiles are made to mirror the look and feel of ceramic. LVT is best used in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers because these are rooms most would expect to see tiles. There is a major cost benefit to luxury vinyl flooring when it comes to tiles because you get similar, if not better, moisture control and ease of cleanliness like with real ceramic.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and it all depends on your personal taste. The beauty of luxury vinyl is that you can get the look and feel of the most expensive wood floors without the cost, not to mention the ease of installation.

Another possibility with luxury vinyl is choosing impossible wood grain and color patterns. Because of the material, seemingly any pattern, color, and texture can be applied to these planks or tiles. And because they are so cost effective and easy to install, you can easily change and replace them more often than standard tiles and wood.

Standard vinyl offered homeowners an easy way to clean and maintain their homes, but with caveats. Luxury vinyl flooring eradicates the downsides of standard vinyl and enhances its benefits.

Easy to clean, hundreds of styles to convince you and your guests of real wood or tile, and a simple installation are what you’ll find with luxury vinyl. Browse through our vast selection LVP and LVT, and don’t hesitate to contact for advice or help with your home renovation. Flooring Galaxy’s St. Louis luxury vinyl flooring experts are here to make your home flooring as pain-free as possible.