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Natural Stone

Natural stone floor tiles are an elegantly beautiful way to bring nature into your home. They come in various sizes, allowing for large, small, and varying patterns to match your taste and style. Flooring Galaxy, servicing Brentwood and the surrounding area, offers a unique selection of natural stone for your home. Take a look at our offerings and let us help plan your flooring renovation.

Size of Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Lengths, widths, and square sizes for natural stone floor tiles vary. This allows for personalization in an already beautiful slab of nature. Pattern your floor with various sizes or create a grid, the choice is yours.

Small square grids are perfects for bathroom floors and small entryways where they can disappear or add some interest to smaller rooms. Large square grids work best in almost every room, usually making areas seem larger.

Shop Natural Stone Tile At Our St Louis Store

A family-owned store with over 10 years of experience in retailing, our natural stone tile options are perfect for transforming your bedroom, kitchen, or any other space. A durable, sturdy flooring option, natural stone tile is an easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your space. Delivering a reasonable amount of insulation, natural stone tiles give a high-end feel to an interior space.

Available in a variety of sizes, Flooring Galaxy stocks natural stone tiles of varying patterns. An eco-friendly option, natural stone tiles are unquestionably some of the most beautiful flooring options. So, whether it is limestone, travertine, marble, or soapstone tile that you may want for your home, we offer a vast selection at fair pricing. Beautifully colored, our natural stone tiles are fused with hues of reds, oranges, browns, greys, and pastels.

Enhance Your Interior Space with Natural Stone Tiles

We offer high-quality natural stone tiles and have highly-skilled professionals who will install them for you. If you are a homeowner who wants appealing flooring options that will last you a long time, natural stone tiles are the material for you. Our tiles are available in naturally-occurring patterns and colors that give each space a unique look and charm.

The process of installing natural stone tile requires skill and experience. Cutting natural stone tiles involves using a wet saw, which shouldn’t be operated by an inexperienced person. Our professional team makes sure that they install natural stone tiles appropriately and that the results are as perfect as you’ve envisioned. We know that the best flooring project harnesses appropriate planning. To do so, we ensure we follow a streamlined process where you are satisfied with our service quality. So, for all your natural stone tile shopping and installation projects, rely on Flooring Galaxy.    

Types of Natural Stone Tile Floor

Marble is one of the most sought-after natural stone floor tiles. It’s a gorgeous slab of quarried rock with depth, interest, and variety in colors. Marble is always impressive and has been for millennia. If ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians can use it for their temples, then it’s absolutely worthy of your home.

The most common types of marble are white, grey, and black. However, there are many more natural colors such as green, red, and blue that can be found and used to spark some elegant interest in your home.

Travertine is a softer type of natural stone floor tile, if you can imagine a soft rock. What this means is that it develops a soft patina, or natural sheen, over time. Travertine is usually much more solid in color with areas that differ in shades but rarely as colorful as marble.

Limestone is a commonly used type of natural stone floor tile. It has beautiful natural hues of browns, reds, oranges, and greys. It’s generally soft in color but can appear colder in certain rooms. The beauty of limestone is its straight lines as if you’re looking at desert sand. Some are completely straight, others slightly curve, and some stop and go. This type of tile is perfect for bringing some minimal, linear interest into any room and works best with larger tiles.

Soapstone is also quite unvaried in its coloring. Its beauty relies heavily on its varied texture and height. This natural stone floor tile is smooth and dark with long, straight raised edges that give it depth and character. It’s perfect for patios and bathrooms for its subtle style.

Peruse our natural stone floor tile offerings and contact us for any information about what type of stone works best in your home. Our flooring experts are always ready to help you make comparisons and weigh the pros and cons of each tile, because your home only deserves the best.