Get an Edge on Carpet: How to Choose the Perfect Edge for your New Rug

Brief Overview

​An edge’s most basic function is to keep the carpet piece from fraying when it becomes a rug. Chances are when you go to the store to pick up an already made rug, the edge wasn’t something you paid much attention to. When getting your own rug made however, it’s something you have to think about. For the sake of the blog I will only be touching on my opinions about the types of edge in the picture above, but there are many more ways to do it, such as the ever-popular fringing method.

Binding Edge

​Binding is the most basic form of carpet edge. It’s nice and simple; it’s the type of edge that everyone expects on a rug and don’t pay much attention to. This edge is sewn on, and while it doesn’t leave a clear-cut line between itself and the rug, it still looks nice and gets the job done for the best price.

Serging Edge

​Personally, serging is my favorite style of edge. It’s a step up from binding in regards to price, but it looks far nicer than a binded edge. In my opinion, this type of edge just makes sense, looking at the sample picture, it just looks like it belongs on the rug more than the other edges. They are also sewn on, and loop right into the carpet making for a good flow between the edge and the body of the rug. 

Fabric Edge

​The fabric edge makes a statement. It looks formal, but the texture of the fabric makes it a bit more welcoming. These edges are sewn and glued to the carpet, leaving a clean line on the rug. While I would not personally go for this type of style, I certainly don’t blame anyone who does.

Leather Edge

The leather edge to me says “business”. It looks far more formal than the other styles and leaves nothing to the imagination. As with fabric, these edges are sewn and glued to the carpet, leaving a clean line on the rug. This is a style that I can really only imagine in businesses, but don’t let that stop you from putting it in your home if you’re drawn to it.

There are countless styles and price points for creating a rug, you just have to find what’s best for your style and budget. If you have more technical questions about the options above feel free to call or send me a message through our contact page