Is Gray the New Standard?

When people come in looking for new hardwood or vinyl, there is inevitably a discussion about the color. More often than not it is based around grays versus more classic light browns and reds.

There are several reasons people have these conversations with us:

  1. People love the gray look and want to replace all classic flooring in their home
  2. People love the classic look and want more to replace what they have
  3. They like both, but want to know if gray will stay in style or classic will make a comeback

Why Classic?

(Pictured: Shaw – Highlight Oak)

Classic style floors give off a feeling of warmth and make you feel right at home. Nobody will ask why you have a light brown or red floor; they are very common in most homes and even if you installed it, they may think it came with the home. These floors are neutral and can be matched with basically anything. In my current apartment I have a typical light brown floor and I have had no issues putting any of my furniture in there.

Why Gray?

(Pictured: Shaw – Beach Oak)

Gray style floors give a modern appearance to the spaces they’re in. Contrary to classic floors, if you install a gray floor, chances are you put a bit more thought into the furniture that goes in the room with it. Gray floors often make me think that the furniture in the room should be more simple. With those floors I imagine black or white blocky style furniture, although my opinions on that do change depending on the shade of gray.

What do I think?

If you asked me right now if I preferred the gray or classic look of hardwood/vinyl, I would tell you that both are perfect choices depending on how you style your rooms. I would also tell you that if I owned a home at this point in time that I would be all over the gray flooring. To me, nothing is out of the question. I love whites and grays with pops of color from painted walls or decorations.