It’s All in the Twist

(Pictured: Our DW Select Display)

Every carpet begins with loose fibers. Those fibers are twisted together to create bundles, and finally, those bundles are twisted together.

Typically, there are 8-10 fibers in a bundle, with two bundles being twisted together to create your cut pile carpet. The twist number is determined by the number of turns in a one-inch length of carpet; this can also be known as TPI (turns per inch).

Why Does Twist Matter?

The higher the twist, the tighter the twist. The tighter the twist, the more durable the carpet, it’s that simple. When you combine tight twists and higher density, you’ll get a carpet that’ll last and maintain its appearance for years to come.

How to Determine Twist

Twist can be determined by isolating a strand of the fibers. You will want to measure a one-inch length and count the number of twists. If the strand is less than one-inch, measure half an inch and double the twist count.

New Advances: Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver, a brand of Engineered Floors, has recently released a line of carpeting called DW Select. This new line utilizes a 3-ply yarn system known as twistX, as opposed to the traditional 2-ply system mentioned earlier.

The addition of a third ply increases the security of the twist and makes the bundle sizes 33% higher, significantly increasing the density of the carpet. This floor comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and is also stain and soil resistant.