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Carpet Binding

Hire Flooring Galaxy for Our Carpet Binding Service

Our carpet binding specialists have been working within the flooring industry for years. We have established a well-skilled team of craftsmen who believe in extensive innovation and training to build upon our services. As carpet binding specialists, we are always up-to-date on new methods, materials, and finishes in the industry. Every aspect of our service represents our organization; therefore, we go the extra mile to achieve client satisfaction and perfection. With over 100 years of experience spread across our employees, our experts are well qualified and passionate about helping our customers and exceeding their expectations.
Carpet binding is the process of taking a piece of carpet and apply stitching, fabric, or adhesive to the edges to keep it from unraveling and wearing out. In practice, carpet binding protects your carpet. Aesthetically, our quality craftsmanship elevates the functionality and style of your carpet. To consistently uphold our standard of quality, we have recruited a close network of professional carpet binders to ensure that your space is in good hands each time.

Experience Carpeting Expertise with Our Carpet Binding Service in St Louis

At Flooring Galaxy, our priority is making sure you get the carpets you want, every time. We know how much warmth and comfort a carpet can add to the aesthetic of a commercial space or home. No matter what type of flooring your space currently has, a custom rug, with an interplay of textures, colors, patterns, and styles, can take the feel of your space to the next level. Our experts at Flooring Galaxy can affordably turn your favorite carpet style into a beautiful custom area rug with our carpet binding service in St Louis. So, whether you want a square, rectangular, or unusually-shaped statement piece, our carpet binding service can make it all possible.

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How we use carpet binding

In carpet binding, a brand new edge is placed on spare pieces of carpet left over from an installation.Many homeowners have unused carpeting left over after they install new carpet flooring in their homes. With costly luxurious materials like wool, throwing it away would be a wasted opportunity to have beautiful new rugs at much lower cost than most people expect.

Instead, you can turn leftover spare pieces into new area rugs using this affordable service. Carpet binding is a fast, low-cost way to obtain customized floor coverings that many homeowners don’t even know about. Find the perfect fit for your home and trust the Flooring Galaxy professionals to get the job done.

Different ways of binding your custom rug

Carpet binding utilizes a cloth tape that is sewn on along the edge of the carpet with a special sewing machine. Flooring Galaxy can match this tape to your rug, or, if you prefer, we can use a complementary color or contrast.

Surging is an alternative to using tape as the edge finish. In surging, the edges are reinforced and then bound with a sewing machine stitch. This is the perfect binding technique to use if you wish to have fringe attached to your rug.

Flooring Galaxy’s carpet binding department is available to you. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about this service when you call us or drop by at our St. Louis, MO showroom.We are always prepared to be your provider of our unique, creative carpet binding service.

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