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Hardwood floors refinishing from Flooring Galaxy

There is no need to replace your worn floor because Flooring Galaxy experts will restore its brilliance with our St. Louis hardwood floor refinishing for far less. Flooring Galaxy provides hardwood refinishing for any type of hardwood or an engineered wood floor. We know that a lustrous, newly finished hardwood floor is a sight to behold, while an uneven, dull hardwood is anything but beautiful. The problem is simply that decades of use or the lack of proper maintenance can ruin the finish, causing hardwood to degrade and lose its new floor luster.

You may begin to detect it if your hardwood floor becomes dull, scratched or pocked from ladies stiletto heels and scratches caused by active pet claws. Bear in mind that there is a solution to restoring your floor’s good looks and durability for much less money than ripping it out and installing a costly new one. Flooring Galaxy offers effective and quick hardwood floor refinishing services to the St. Louis, University City, Webster Groves and other nearby Missouri area communities at economical rates.

Our knowledgeable, competent hardwood refinishing team will visit your home, renew your floors, and have the hardwood looking as lustrous as it did on the day it was newly installed

Here’s how hardwood refinishing is done

When hardwood floors are initially installed, their surface is coated with a urethane base that produces their unusual brilliance and great resilience. Very tiny slivers of aluminum oxide in this urethane coating make the wood even more durable and lengthen the amount of time before the finish becomes degraded. Alas, even the hardest finish will eventually suffer from constant exposure to grit and dirt wearing away at the top layer. Eventually, this abrasion permits moisture to be absorbed into the underlying wood and ruin it. The most efficient remedy for this problem is to sand down the dull, worn finish and replace it with a completely new surface layer. Our St. Louis hardwood floor refinishing and restoration technicians will provide a fast and effective process to bring your floors back to life at a price you can handle.

Call us today to make an appointment to discuss the hardwood floor remodeling in your home. You can also stop in at our showroom to learn more about hardwood flooring refinishing in St. Louis, and the cost advantage compared to complete new flooring.

At Flooring Galaxy, your available time and your budget allocations are our top considerations.The finished design that you receive at the completion of our installation must be what you expected throughout the project. We will make every possible effort to see that this happens. Each member of the Flooring Galaxy installation team is licensed to work in Missouri and is also fully insured.

To request an installation of floor covering for your project that will fit your schedule and budget, call us or stop by at our showroom at your convenience to discuss your planned flooring installation with one of our professionals.