Patterned Carpets: Types and Uses

​(Pictured: A job by Tony, one of our installers!)

My father has been working in the flooring business practically my entire life. I never thought I would also end up in the business, until I got the opportunity to work him. Now I work in the store as well as on the company’s website and social media pages.

In the short time I have worked here, I have learned a lot about the different types of flooring. Today, I will be talking about three different types of patterned carpets and what I think about them.

Carved Saxony

(Pictured: Hagaman – Elegance – Applied Pattern)

​When I first looked around the store, I got drawn to this carved saxony piece from Hagaman. It is hand carved, making for a unique addition to any space. I like this piece not only for the hard work put into making it, but for the texture and colors as well. Being a carved carpet, there is an obvious depth to the piece. This design can look as subtle or dramatic as you’d like, with both tan on tan and white on blue options available. Hagaman is known for their different fibers and polyesters, which gave me a greater impression of their work. I have simple looking furniture in my living room, so I know I would personally enjoy having this piece as an area rug as it would add a much needed pop of color and texture.


(Pictured: Milliken – Cavatori)

​I am fond of this printed pattern from Milliken because of the simplicity of the marble design. Milliken specializes in residential and commercial grade flooring, so their designs look great no matter the size. Printed patterns are unique because the design is put directly on top of a solid colored carpet. These designs do not travel below the surface. This may sound like a negative point at first, but carpets from Milliken are stain resistant, have soil protection, resist abrasive wear, and have texture retention, so they were built to last and maintain their appearance. I love the look of marble, so this is a piece that would look great as either a kitchen or bathroom rug when paired with a marble or solid colored countertop.

Abstract Geometric

(Pictured: Stanton – Fairwater)

My favorite type of carpet right now is abstract geometric. This style of carpet is known for its irregular patterns. This particular piece is from Stanton, who is known for their custom carpets, rugs, and runners. I love the contrast of colors in this carpet and believe it can add a lot to a room. I would gladly have this as a large rug in my living room or bedroom. Abstract geometric carpets also look amazing as runners on staircases. They add a beautiful sense of movement up the stairs as opposed to a more static look from a plain or regular geometric design, which while still nice, do not leave as lasting an impression as abstract runners.

Every type of carpet is different, from design to uses. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what you like based on your preferences and needs.