Styles of Carpet: What You Need to Know

There are two main styles of carpet: cut pile and loop pile. Within these two broad categories are several specific styles that have been created and expanded upon as technology has advanced over the past couple decades. 

Cut Pile

This carpet is sheared, exposing the ends of the fibers. Cut pile carpet is known for the twist of its fibers, which help resist matting. The tighter the twists, the more durable your carpet will be.

There are four popular styles of cut pile to choose from: cable, frieze, Saxony, and textured plush.

  • Cable: This carpet’s fibers are longer and thicker than others, making it softer to walk on. This style is recommended for rooms without heavy foot traffic however, as the longer fibers will take less time to mat than shorter fibers.


  • Frieze: This is by far the most popular carpet style. These carpets are tightly twisted with two-toned yarn. They are soft and good at hiding footprints. When a longer pile is used, this style becomes known as a shag.


  • Saxony: This is another extremely popular carpet style. With an even finish, this carpet is also twisted for durability. It is very smooth to the touch, but this also makes the appearance of traffic more apparent than other carpets.


  • Textured Plush: This carpet is made of fibers with slightly uneven heights. Regular plush is made with smooth and even fibers.


Loop Pile

This carpet is not sheared, making the looped fibers visible.

There are three popular styles of loop pile to choose from: all loop, patterned multi-level loop, and cut and loop.

  • All Loop: Also known as level loop and berber, this carpet is made up of short looped fibers. These carpets are very dense and perfect for high traffic areas.


  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop: This carpet style is made of multiple loop heights to create more texture and patterns.


  • Cut and Loop: Also known as patterned or sculpted carpet, this style is a mixture between cut and loop pile carpet. This style offers a lot of texture and subtle patterns, adding some liveliness to the space.


A Third Option

  • Print: These carpets offer limitless design possibilities. Dye is injected directly into the carpet fibers, making for high resolution patterns. These patterns can be as small as half an inch, or as big as your desired space.


As you can see there are styles for everyone, each with their own set of benefits. There is no wrong answer when it comes to carpet, you just have to find the right answer for you based on your personal style and needs.