What is All the Rage with Faux Wood Flooring?

(Pictured: National Floors – Monticello)

Did you join the fake or faux wood flooring craze…?

Understanding the terms and differences of this broad category will help you determine if this is the perfect product for you. There are three main categories: Laminate (picture under plastic coating) faux wood, Porcelain (pressed and fired glass) faux wood, and Luxury Vinyl (4 k Photographic images overlaid with plastic and scratch resistant materials) faux wood.


(Pictured: Daltile – Acacia Valley – Ark)

Porcelain fake wood has the strongest finish, is by far the most scratch resistant surface, and is ultimately truly waterproof. The downside is that porcelain does have some of the least realistic faux wood visuals. If durability and easy maintenance is what you require, then select from one of these top manufacturers: Daltile, Happy Floors, or Interceramic. Some of the best porcelain faux wood floor visuals include Happy Floors, Interceramic, Daltile, and Casabella.


(Pictured: National Floors – Monticello)

Laminate fake wood floors have gotten a bad wrap especially when it comes to having water issues. While these floors are water resistant, not waterproof, laminates do have the toughest and most durable plastic coated finished surfaces of fake wood flooring, along with having a long life span of consistent durability. The best faux wood laminate flooring includes National Floors, Mohawk, Casabella, and Timeless Designs.

Luxury Vinyl

(Pictured: Proximity Mills – Yukon River – Rapids)

Proximity Mills is the leader in Luxury Vinyl Tile faux wood flooring. With superior color clarity, dense core materials, and an attached backing, this is hands down the best choice when it comes to LVT. Other top manufacturer choices for fake wood luxury vinyl flooring are COREtec, Paramount, Happy Floors, Pergo, and Casabella. Over the last five years this has become the dominant choice for faux wood looks and with its total waterproof material we find the widest range of colors and styles.